Getting Started

This Getting Started shows you how to invite someone to take an online video interview and to receive video responses of your interviewees.

Get your Application Key

InterviewApp uses a pair of API keys to allow access to the API. You can request your API keys from the “Account settings” tab of your InterviewApp dashboard.


InterviewApp Account

Include the Client Library

We provide some libraries for you to easily integrate InterviewApp and make requests to our REST API. All language bindings are available on github on the InterviewApp repositories. If we don’t provide any client for your language, you are invited to contribute to your library and to make it open source. To create our own library, please check our documentation on how to make and sign requests to the InterviewApp API.

This Getting Started will show you some examples for Java and PHP languages.

Using our API with PHP

We recommend that you use Composer to load our PHP library. It can be done by adding this dependency to your application.

"require": {
"itwapp/itwapp-php" : "dev-master"

Then you get access to our class by using the Composer’s autoload:


You can also import manually our library by downloading the lastest version of the Itwapp PHP SDK on github.
And then load it:


Using our API with Java

We use Maven to distribute our Java library. We don’t have any stable version yet so you should use our SNAPSHOT version hosted on sonatype. Then, please add this repository to your list:


And then include the dependency:


Authenticate to our API

While you are using the InterviewApp API, we need to authenticate the account that you want to work with. This is done with the Authenticate method. With the API Keys you’ve got from the account settings section of your InterviewApp dashboard,  please call this method:


import io.itwapp.Itwapp;
Itwapp.apiKey = "YOUR-API-KEY";
Itwapp.secretKey = "YOUR-SECRET-KEY";

Create your first invitation to take an online interview

After authenticating your application, you can now easily invite some to take an online video interview. The data you need is detailed as follows:

  • The email of your interviewee ;
  • The question(s) you want to ask him/her ;
  • The language: it sets the language for the automatic invitation email that will be sent to the interviewee ;
  • A deadline by which the applicant will have to complete the interview online.

param = [
"mail" => "",
"alert" => true,
"questions" => [
"content" => "question 1",
"readingTime"=> 60,
"answerTime"=> 45,
"number"=> 1
"lang" => "en",
"deadline" => 1409045626568
$applicant = Applicant::create($param);

Map<String, Object> question = new HashMap<String, Object>();
question.put("content", "question 1");
question.put("readingTime", 60);
question.put("answerTime", 60);
question.put("number", 1);

List<Map<String, Object>> questions = new ArrayList<Map<String, Object>>();

Map<String, Object> param = new HashMap<String, Object>();
param.put("mail", "");
param.put("alert", true);
param.put("questions", questions);
param.put("lang", "en");
param.put("deadline", 1409045626568L);

Applicant applicant = Applicant.create(param);

And here you go! Now that you are done with your first invitation, we will show you how to retrieve video responses of your interviewees once they have completed their interview.