Retrieve Video Responses for an Interview

In this section, we will see how to get links to video responses of your applicants when their online interviews are completed. Beforehand,  you will have to read either our section on how to create an invitation to take an online video interview or our Getting Started article.

Once you have invited some to take an online video interview, you get this person’s unique identifier on InterviewApp. As a reminder, the code to create an invitation is as follows:

param = [
"mail" => "",
"alert" => true,
"questions" => [
"content" => "question 1",
"readingTime"=> 60,
"answerTime"=> 45,
"number"=> 1
"lang" => "en",
"deadline" => 1409045626568
$applicant = Applicant::create($param);

Map<String, Object> question = new HashMap<String, Object>();
question.put("content", "question 1");
question.put("readingTime", 60);
question.put("answerTime", 60);
question.put("number", 1);

List<Map<String, Object>> questions = new ArrayList<Map<String, Object>>();

Map<String, Object> param = new HashMap<String, Object>();
param.put("mail", "");
param.put("alert", true);
param.put("questions", questions);
param.put("lang", "en");
param.put("deadline", 1409045626568L);

Applicant applicant = Applicant.create(param);

Those method calls return an object that represents the interviewee. For more information about data contained in this object, please read our reference about the Applicant Object. With this object, you can access this applicant’s unique identifier. We strongly recommend that you save the identifier somewhere in order to re-use it later.

Retrieve Applicant Data

Once created, this unique applicant’s id allows you to load the set of data available for this person on InterviewApp. Corresponding video responses can be accessed with the responses attribute

$applicant = Applicant::findOne("APPLICANT_ID");
foreach($applicant->responses as $responses) {
echo $responses->file; // something like

Applicant applicant = Applicant.findOne("APPLICANT_ID");
for( Response response : applicant.responses) {
System.out.println(response.file);// something like

You now know how to find video responses for a specific applicant. We will show you next how the interview process works and how to track the candidate’s activity in order to be notified as soon as he/she has completed his/her interview: