Completing a one-way video interview from an iPhone / iPad

You received an invitation to complete a one-way video interview online or to practice through our video interview simulator. To access your online video interview or your interview simulator, please follow the below steps:

1. From your iPhone or iPad, click the invitation link you received;

2.Once the link clicked, a web page opens on Safari. The following message shows up:


3.Copy the code displayed on this page. To do so, you have to select the code while holding your finger over it and select “Copy” when the option shows up.


4.Then, you can click the blue button “Open the app”.

5.Two options:

  • you have already installed the InterviewApp app from the AppStore on your iPhone / iPad. If so, the app automatically opens when you click “Open the app”.
  • you don’t have the InterviewApp app installed on your iPhone / iPad. In this case, when you click “Open the app”, you are directed to the AppStore on the InterviewApp application page. From there, your can download our application for free by clicking the icon at the top of the page. Once the application downloaded, you can click “Open” at the top of the InterviewApp page on the AppStore.

6.When the InterviewApp application is open, paste the code you have copied on step 3 in the provided field. Click “Finish”.


7. A page opens where you can check in. Click “Return” after filling a field to go from one field to another.



8. Once the form completed, click “Enter”.


9. You enter in the simulator or the interview module. You can navigate from one page to another by clicking “Next” or “Previous”. Once the introduction over, and if you are already used to our video interview system on iPhone / iPad, you can skip the tips by clicking “Skip” at the top of your screen.

10. Once you have read our tips, you can start your video interview by clicking “Start”.

11. If you have completed an interview through our interview simulator, you can download your video responses by clicking the “Save” button at the top of the screen.


To do so, you need to click “OK” when the app wants to access the Photos app of your device. You will find your video responses in the Photos app of your iPhone / iPad.