How can I test my camera?

If Adobe Flash is installed on your computer, follow the steps detailed below:

#1. In the Video Setup page, first click the “ENABLE WEBCAM” blue button in the black box on the right of your screen:


The Adobe Flash Player permission box should pop up:


Select “Allow” and “Remember” then click “Close”.

If the Adobe Flash Player permission box does not show up and you only see an empty grey box on the right of your screen, please check if Adobe Flash is installed on your computer (for more information on the topic, please read our article: Is Adobe Flash installed on my computer? Which version do i have?)

If you are using Google Chrome, a permission box should show up at the top of your browser. Please click “Allow”.


#2. At this stage, your camera should work and you should be able to see yourself on screen in the video location, on the right of your screen. If you don’t, please check that you have selected the right camera. To do so, right-click the video location and click “Settings” in the dialog box that pops up.


The Adobe Flash box should then show up. Click the camera icon and test each camera from the dropdown menu until you find the one which works.


#3. After the settings steps, you will have the opportunity to record a practice interview question. Review your video response and check that your webcam and your microphone are working fine.

If you cannot see you on screen, please read the article “I can’t see myself on screen” where you will find some advice.