My microphone is not working

Check that your microphone is not on mute

Check that your microphone is not on mute and that the microphone volume is high enough. For best quality sound recording, we recommend using a headset with microphone.

Check that your microphone is actually in good working order

First, check that your microphone is working. You can do it using:

  • Microsoft Sound Recorder under Windows;
  • Sound System Preferences under MacOs.

Under Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, you will have to allow access to your microphone by clicking “Allow” in the grey permission bar at the top of your Google Chrome browser.

Microphone test in the audio setup on InterviewApp

On the audio setup, speak loud enough. If you see the volume bar move, your microphone is working.

Practice question

This practice question is designed to help you test the quality of the video and the audio of your answers. If your microphone record there correctly, you are all set!

Other tips to solve your microphone issues

  • Close all other applications that might use your microphone (for instance: Skype, Google Hangout, etc.);
  • Try recording with a headset;
  • In order to avoid interferences, make sure you switch off devices like smartphones or other devices that might cause interferences. If you use a built-in microphone with your computer, sit close to your microphone;
  • Try with another browser or update your browser. Our application is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera;
  • Restart your computer and/or browser;
  • Try with another computer, your iOS device or your Android device.

If you are still having issues, please contact us via our chat. We’ll work on a solution together.